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The UCSB Wellness Project

Taking care of ourselves includes not only eating healthy foods, learning how to grow them ourselves, taking care of the environment like creating pollinators, and reading to exercise our imagination, but also taking care of one another. The Wellness Project at UCSB was founded by Liv McLeese and is an on-campus organization that aims to bring female-identifying students together. The Wellness Project’s goal is to help students recognize their unique purpose and contribution to the world, knowing that personal struggles and insecurities lose their strength in loving and supportive environments.

Wellness Project USCB holds weekly meetings focusing on a specific topic such as, confidence, relationships, health at every size, and social media. These meetings are held discussion style, with a short video presentation as an overview, while the majority of the hour is spent in small discussion groups, guided by a series of questions asked by the discussion leader. The Wellness Project also holds events such as the Boys Panel, ocean walks, and coffee talks.

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