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UCSB Club is an interdisciplinary, community-based program that invites elementary students to see themselves as contributing members of a university community.  Fourth- and fifth-grade students from UCSB’s Harding University Partnership School engage in various literacy-related activities on a weekly basis after school on UCSB’s beautiful campus for the following goals:  

  • Learn from their undergraduate co-learners what it means to be a UC college student;

  • Explore what and how research teams learn;

  • Share new knowledge and insights in the form of news articles, essays, poetry, artwork, presentations, etc.

Our undergraduate co-learners are mentors who facilitate group activities and excursions throughout campus. UCSB Club mentors and mentees collaborate on goals and projects based on shared interests and curiosities. Stay tuned for more about what these co-learners create and accomplish together!


UCSB Club is the newest CBL program that began in October 2023 once we were awarded funding for needed transportation. We are grateful to Tina McEnroe, Associate Director of UCSB’s McEnroe Reading and Language Arts Clinic, for her generosity in supporting this after-school program.


Notes of Encouragement

(Messages were crafted and sent by young co-learners to all undergraduates preparing for final exams--the UCSB Library posted these messages on all display screens throughout the library spaces.)

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