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What is the Critical Reading Assessment Project?

The CRA Project aims to develop a reading assessment tool that gauges TK-12 student ability to read critically and foster critical reading behaviors in students associated with Community Based Literacies. Reading critically is a unique approach to understanding what we read. A few ways readers demonstrate critical reading include: 

  • Questioning the author

  • Questioning the text

  • Identifying biases in texts

  • Approaching texts from multiple points of view (e.g., reading about a local water shortage from the perspective of a business owner or local wildlife).

  • Understanding information represented in multimodalities ie., word texts, data representations, embedded video clips, etc.

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Current Project Activities:

  • Identifying engaging texts that elicit a critical approach (e.g., identifying biases).

  • Adapting critical texts for readers in TK-12 grades that involve young developing readers who represent a range of cultural and linguistic knowledge.

  • Exploring what it looks and sounds like to think critically about what we read.

  • Assessing TK-12 students as guided by the Critical Reading Assessment Protocol.

  • Analyzing student responses to identify strengths and developing strategies in critical reading practices.

Scheduling an Assessment:

The CRA Project welcomes TK-12 students for assessment opportunities in critical reading. Please contact Luis Narvaez at to schedule an assessment.

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