The Literacies in Environmental Awareness and Farming for Youth Project



The LEAFY project supports students from ages 11-14 to learn about the science of gardening, environmental awareness and nutrition, and to create art related to these topics. 


The activities include:


  • Reading, writing and talking about the science of gardening and nutrition.

  • Gardening in an outdoor spaces.

  • Reading, writing and talking about poetry related to the environment and the spaces for living.

  • Learning and talking about art projects that relate to the local environment.

  • Creating artistic and digital video projects for/about gardening activities.

  • Sharing final projects at the end of every year with the community.


The students participate in literacy, art projects and Gardening activities. Families are invited along with their children to participate in gardening and social gathering with the kids and the community.

Take a look at our activities pictures in our gallery!

Watch the green space transformation done during the 2017-2018 year!