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Every summer the McEnroe Reading Clinic hosts a four-week summer camp at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This reading camp aims to strengthen literacy skills by fostering collaborative storytelling within each classroom through various forms of reading, writing, and creating.


To kick of the beginning of summer camp, children work together to produce their own summer camp t-shirt and vote on their design of choice in order to cultivate a sense of community. Afterwards, children are grouped together by grade level to work on long-term projects that are presented at the end of summer camp.

Digital storytelling, theatrical works, posters, movies, and other interdisciplinary-based projects come to life at the McEnroe Reading Summer Camp, as children are encouraged to fully participate, collaborate, and become pioneers in their own learning experiences. By introducing literacy as an interdisciplinary tool across all content areas, we hope to inspire children to not only read, but to create meaningful literature as a means of becoming leaders of their own learning.

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