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Little Libraries and Book Van

Books are on the move and they are in your local community!

Photo by Wilson Vitorino:

Isla Vista Free Book Libraries

Bookvan: Goleta’s Bookvan is a great resource for those wanting to get some books without the cost! It began in October of 2021 and holds over 500 books. It also provides audiovisual materials. Cards for the library are issued to anyone who wants one. In addition to free books there is also free WiFi for those nearby to gain access to over a million items in the Goleta Valley Library database.

Local Little Libraries: Aside from the bookvan, you may have noticed Little Libraries spread through Isla Ivsa! These sidewalk libraries run on a take one, leave one system. You can find one across the street from the local 7/11 and even near the Isla Vista Co-Op. Once you’re finished, bring it back or leave a new one! This is a great way to challenge yourself to read something new in addition to contributing to community literacy!

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