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Basic Needs Program Helps with the Housing Crisis

It is essential to have our basic needs met for our survival, especially in today's stressful times. Food, housing, transportation, health care, etc., are just a few basic needs. Such resources are vital because we need them to survive and thrive in life. In order for us to have a strong healthy society and community, everyone needs access to fundamental necessities. UCSB’s Basic Needs program provides services and resources to help students.

I am a student who used the Basic Needs program as a resource, and it was a great experience: I worked efficiently and thoroughly with a Basic Needs Advisor and have benefited a lot from our appointments. The advisor was patient and carefully listened to my concerns. He suggested I apply for the Housing Voucher Program, which provides students a voucher/grant for assistance with housing rent. This program may be a viable option for students struggling to meet their housing needs or experiencing a housing emergency. Students must also have accepted their student loan eligibility to be qualified for this fund. Vouchers can be used for both on-campus and off-campus living arrangements. Fortunately, after applying, I was approved for a grant, which helped with my financial circumstances during that time. I highly recommend any student impacted by the Housing Crisis to look into this program as well as the other resources that the Basic Needs program offers.

This program is beneficial to students who face significant financial hardships that jeopardize their path to graduation. For instance, I was heading into my last term when I was having housing difficulties, but these were resolved with the aid of the Housing Voucher program. I believe any student experiencing financial, housing, or food insecurity should most definitely seek assistance from the Basic Needs Program. I encourage students to utilize their services. Students need this kind of help for their own wellbeing during these challenging times of the pandemic. It has been shown that students struggling with basic needs are typically more stressed, depressed, anxious, and less likely to succeed academically. When students’ basic needs are fulfilled, they can thrive in and out of the classroom.

Contact Information

Basic Needs Website:

UPDATE REGARDING COVID: The Basic Needs Advocates remain committed to helping students with basic needs resources, regardless if they are living on or off-campus. While our physical location remains open (details below), Advocates are also available through virtual chat – just click the green chat bubble in the corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (805) 893-2786, email us at, or schedule a virtual appointment below. Website for scheduling with Basic Needs Advocates:

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