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The virtual Reef: To be hosted by Scott Simon

Hello <LEAFY/CBL Community>

As Director of the UCSB Teaching Aquarium, The Research Experience & Education Facility (REEF), and a Native of SB, I am VERY excited to share that, in collaboration with CBL and programs like LEAFY, we will soon be launching The Virtual REEF.  Soon, you will be able to sing-a-long with the Days of The REEF, where each day, we will explore different Ocean-related topics-Submersible Sunday!, Mollusc Monday!, Temperate Tuesday! Ocean World Wednesday! OWW!  We'll go totally Tropical Thursday! Fishy Friday! And, Shell-fie Saturday.

And....We'll also be hosting the Living REEF!  Where, I'll be exploring the REEF LIVE via Zoom, and share the animals, and behind-the-scenes view of things-Feeding Frenzies, where we'll feed the animals, and we'll explore Our Maritime Community with live visits to Our Beaches, Our Wetlands, Our Harbor and Our Channel.

You'll be able to access these through LEAFY, as well as REEF, resources, such as InstaGram, FaceBook, youtube and the MSI website.

Best Fishes!

Sea YOU REEF-motely!

Scott Simon

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